Genuine Printhead Toshiba CE4M Print Head
This Toshiba TEC CE4M on-demand piezo electric inkjet print head is designed for industrial applications with high print quality. Unlike conventional binary print heads, this grayscale print head technology is capable of jetting multiple drops within one dot allowing for an image to have 16 levels of grey, since each dot is created through a minimum of 5 pico litre to a maximum of 35 pico litre of ink.

The Toshiba TEC CE4M is suitable for UV curable and Oil based inks, has 4 ink inlet ports and a chassis which provides a built-in water channel and complete sealing designed for easy temperature control.

Product Specifications :

    Technology: Multi-drop grayscale micro-piezo

    Grayscale levels: 16

    Active nozzles: 636

    Print swathe width: 53.7 mm

    Native resolution: 150 dpi

    Maximum resolution: 300 dpi

    Printhead weight: 148 g

    Dimensions: 85 x 70 x 23 mm

    Drop volume: 5 - 35 pl

    Typical firing frequency: 2.8 - 28 kHz

    Ink Compatibility: oil-based pigment ink and UV curable pigment ink

Printer compatibility:

Galaxy UD-18C8AC

Galaxy UD-32C8AB

Galaxy UD-19C6AC

Galaxy UD-25C8AC

Galaxy UD-32C8AC

Galaxy UD-32C8ABU

Galaxy UD-32C8ABW

Galaxy UD-18C8ACU

Galaxy UD-25C8ACU

Galaxy UD-32C8ACU

Galaxy UD-18C8ACW

Galaxy UD-25C8ACW

Galaxy UD-32C8ACW

HAE HAE-3020




Icontek TW-1215GU

Toshiba CE4M

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