Genuine Printhead Dimatix SAPPHIRE QS-256/30 AAA
Sapphire QS-256/30 AAA printhead delivers best-in-class jetting accuracy combined with versatile grayscale operation. Its lightweight, thin-profile design and configurability plus support for a broad range of ink formulations makes this printhead model particularly suited to scanning printer architectures and applications.

Dimatix continues building upon its long history of excellent dot placement accuracy, channel-to-channel uniformity, low cross talk, and high-frequency/high-productivity with the Q-Class Sapphire printhead family.

The Sapphire QS-256/30 AAA printhead features 256 independent channels, arranged in a single row of nozzles at 100 dots-per-inch spacing. It is designed to eject adjustable 30 to 80 picoliter drops in binary jetting mode or a 30-picoliter fundamental drop in grayscale mode. This is done at a nominal 8-meter per second drop velocity when jetting fluids in the 10 to 14 centipoise range.

Each 256-channel Sapphire printhead is offered with an integral temperature sensor and a configurable, dual-ported fluid interface comprised of O-ring face mounts or barbed fittings to facilitate fast flushing or recirculation of inks.
Printhead operational temperature can be up to 90° C. The driver chip is double buffered to support the Sapphire QS-256/30 AAA high-speed jetting capability


- Technology: VersaDrop™ jetting

- Print Width: 64.77mm (2.55")

- Nominal Drop Size: 30 picoliter

- Adj. Range for Droplet Size: 30 to 80 picoliter

- Tot. Amount of Nozzles: 256

- Nozzle Spacing: 254 microns

- Firing Frequency: 33 kHz (12 kHz for 80 picoliter droplets)

- Operating Temperature: up to 90°C

- Ink Compatibility: UV curable, Organic solvents, and aqueous inks

Printer compatibility:

Durst Rho 500R

Durst Rho 700

Inca Onset S40

Inca Onset S40i

Dimatix SAPPHIRE QS-256/30 AAA

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