SmartDate Print Head 3, 3C, 3I, 5, 5S (53mm) - 300 dpi
Kyocera Part Number:KCE-53-12PAJ1-MKM / KCE-53-12PAT1-MKM
Markem Part Number:34986BA
Spare parts for the SmartDate 53-12 thermal transfer printer

SmartDate Compatible Printer 3, 3C, 3I, 5, 5S (53mm) - 300 dpi
Resolution 300 dpi
High speed printing on flexible packaging
Synthetic Polypropylene Polyethylene Polyolefin Nylon polyester
Speed 800 (mm/s)
Article Part Number:KCE-53-12PAJ1-MKM / KCE-53-12PAT1-MKM
Manufacturer Part Number:34986BA, 5825525
Manufacturer:Kyocera Japan

Markem 34986BA

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