High resolution, 360 nozzle per inch spacing has enabled arranging 512 Nozzle on a comactly designed print head. The KM512 series consists of type L, M and S, corresponding to unit drop volume capabilities of 42pl, 14pl and 4pl respectively.
The type M and S can be driven in 4 level grey-scale mode for reproducing high quality images with smoother tones KM512 LN

Compatible with Solvent, UV, Oil ...

Due to its specially designed internal structure, the KM512 series boasts a wide range of ink compatibility, including aggressive solvent inks typically used for super-wide format printers.

Inks which have high viscosity at room temperature,such as UV ink, can be heated up to 55 degrees Celsius with the H type's internal heater.

Enabling Comapct Design of Head Mount System
This series is specially designed to have a "wing" structure so that users can precisely align the print heads without difficulty. This feature allows easy combination of page-width printhead units for the purpose of single-pass high-speed printing. The same external design allows interchangability of different type heads on the same mount system.

Konica Minolta 512 head suitable printer

HP DesignJet 9000s/8000s/DesignJet 10000s

Myjet WB320 / LB320 / LE320

Seiko ColorPainter 64S / ColorPainter 100S

Allwin C8 / C12 / H8

Liyu Apollo PTP-KL / Maxima PZ-KM

DGI SaturnJet ST-1806

Flora HJ 3200Turbo

Printer compatibility:

Aestrik InWear S3304K5

Aestrik InWear S3308K5

Agfa Anapurna Mv

Agfa Anapurna Mw

Allwin C12

Allwin C8

Dilli Neo Titan UVT-1606W

DYSS Apollo PTP18/3202-KC

DYSS Apollo PTP18/3204-KC

DYSS Apollo PTP18/3206-KC

DYSS Apollo PTP1804-KL

DYSS Apollo PTP1806-KL

DYSS Apollo PTP1808-KL

DYSS Apollo PTP3204-KL

DYSS Apollo PTP3206-KL

DYSS Apollo PTP3208-KL

DYSS Apollo PZ 3208-KX

DYSS Apollo PZ3204-KX

DYSS Apollo PZ3206-KX

Icontek 3306

JHF Vista 2506

JHF Vista H8 3304F

JHF Vista H8 3306F

JHF Vista H8 3308F

JHF Vista S5004F

JHF Vista S5006FS

Myjet LB320

Myjet LE320

Myjet WB320

Rodin K4320-A

Rodin K4320-B

Skynet HS-Series

Skynet PC-Series

Taimes T5

Taimes T7

Konica Minolta 512/42pl KM512LN Printhead

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