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Genuine Printhead Seiko SPT 1020/35 PL

Availability: 349 In Stock
Price $583.00
Availability: 349 In Stock

This printhead offers high-resolution and high-speed with 1020 nozzles and 35pl. It features a fast firing frequency and high precision combined with a long useable life. This original print head is used on a grand format digital printers.
Original SPT 1020 35PL printhead for seiko print head Infinity FY-3200SE FY-3266J FY-3266T FY-3266R
SPT 1020 35pl eco solvent printer printhead for infiniti 3266
Original Printhead Seiko SPT 1020 35PL Head for Eco Solvent Printer

Condition: New product

Seiko For SPT-510 /80PL - IRH1513E-3311 Print Head

Availability: 12 In Stock
Price $397.00
Availability: 12 In Stock

Seiko SPT 510 / 80 pl Print Head is one of the printheads that is widely available on the market. with very good and smooth results. It is one of the mainstays of many digital printing machines used. If used with stable electrical conditions, good grounding and a cool room temperature, this type of head can be your mainstay for producing very good printed work.

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